To Get Rid of Unwanted Hair and Get Silky Smooth Skin!

Laser Hair Reduction

If you are looking for laser hair reduction, you are at the right place.

We all have a little bunch of unwanted hair that keeps bugging us. On the chin, under the arms, on the lips, in the groin and what not! They can be anywhere and cause a frown every now and then.

But wait, why to frown when we have an easy and affordable remedy to the problem?

Yes, we have laser hair reduction that takes care of all the unwanted hair that keep annoying you. At SG Dermatology, the treatment is readily available under the expert hand of Dr.Sumit Gupta, a well qualified and board-certified dermatologist who is known for a number of successful skin remedies.

Laser hair reduction is an effective method to get rid of that hair which keeps growing back in the areas that you wish to be clean and want silky smooth skin over there. Laser treatment works wonderfully on those areas and destroys the hair follicles in just a few minutes and all you are left with is clean skin, with much-reduced chances of hair growth. Repetitions of the procedure mean the continual reduction in hair follicles and further reduced hair growth.


During the procedure, highly concentrated energy in form of light pulses is used to target the hair follicles to damage them permanently. Once the hair follicle is gone, the hair wouldn’t grow out of that follicle. The best part about laser hair reduction is that it works on all body parts and leave the skin smoother and much attractive. There is hardly any discomfort that you would feel while getting the treatment.


The catch with laser treatment on hair is that the light energy gets attracted to the dark pigment of the hair, just like the sun radiations are absorbed better by darker colors. Thus, targeting accurately and destroying the follicle. For this obvious reason, laser hair reduction works best on darker hair.


At SG Dermatology, Dr. Sumit Gupta believes in offering a customized treatment to the patients as everyone has different skin types and hair textures. A series of sessions may be required to substantially reduce the hair growth in a particular area. Though, the results are clearly visible right after the first session. That is the absolute beauty of permanent hair reduction. The consecutive sessions just keep improving the look, feel and texture of your skin, which is practically hairless and smoother than ever.


Here are a few extremely important points for you to remember if you are considering laser hair reduction for the first time ever.

  • The best work ground for laser is light skin and dark coarse hair. The results are extremely astounding.
  • Do not go for laser hair reduction near eyes or nose. For the rest of the body, it is the best remedy to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.
  • Shave the area before going for the laser. It helps to target the follicles accurately.
  • The pain is bearable and any discomfort during the session is taken care of, by the expert staff at the clinic. Numbing lotions get to the rescue of you cannot handle pain at all.
  • The laser moves quickly to the next follicle. No follicle is targeted twice.
  • It does not take more than 25-30 minutes to complete an entire session. Hence, you can take a small break from work to get the session.
  • Regular work and activities can be resumed immediately after the session.


Now, it is about time you’d choose an option that holds all the capability to leave you with a new smoother you. Go for laser hair reduction. Do it now!