About Dr. Sumit Gupta, Vitiligo Doctor

Dr. Sumit Gupta is a young, passionate and dynamic dermatologist. He did his medicine (MBBS) and Dermatology (MD) training from the prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College, University of Delhi. During his training he developed a keen interest in pigmentary disorders. His remarkable research work on Melanocyte Transplantation in Vitiligo earned him the Gold Medal for best clinical dissertation from University of Delhi. He was awarded the honour to present his research work at the biggest conclave in the field, World Congress of Dermatology, Vancouver, 2015 as a WCD Scholar. He also got the opportunity to train under the renowned Vitiligo Specialists from across the world. Due to his body of work he was invited at the distinguished University of Ghent, Belgium to participate in research on vitiligo under the illustrious Prof Nanja van Geel. He also trained under the acclaimed Dr. Koenraad de Boulle at Aalst, Belgium in facial injectables. He strives to apply his impeccable training and latest technologies in accordance with patients’ needs & expectations for the best possible results.



Vitiligo pronounced as vit-ill-EYE-go, is a skin disease where skin starts to lose its color and white patches start appearing on different parts of the body. This usually happens when the skin cells that produce pigment or coloration, get destroyed. These cells are known as melanocytes and are responsible for producing melanin (color) in skin, Vitiligo is known to affect mucous membranes such as tissue inside the mouth, nose, and eye.



The name Dermatology is derived from Greek word “Dermatos” which means skin. It is one of the most in-demand branches of medical science that diagnoses and treats the ailments and disorders of the skin, especially the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body and everyone in their lifetime has some of the other skin diseases.



Aesthetic Dermatology or Cosmetic Dermatology deals with appearance and beauty of our outer shell. It helps enhance the condition, youthfulness, and charm of the skin, nails, and hair. Humans have always been very conscious about how we look and the skin plays a pivotal role in defining that. The term cosmetic signifies beauty, and this particular branch of dermatology renders such treatments that magnify the beauty and allure of expectant.



Men and women of various age groups face hair loss problems or alopecia and they keep looking for effective remedies. More often than not, hair loss also becomes a common ground for loss of self-confidence, depression and loss of interest in life. Hair, undoubtedly are one of the prominent features of our appearance that define our looks. Once we start losing them, we face distress. Unattractive looks cause emotional and psychological dilemmas too.


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Gailan Maringmei

I haven't sleep for a day or two due to intense itching on my whole body.After consulting him i got immense relief and I am wholeheartedly thanked him for his treatment which enlightened again the joyous day of my day to day life.

Acne / Pimples Treatment


Dr. Sumit Gupta relieved me of my long-standing pimples problem. His prescription worked wonders for my face. Strongly recommend him to all.

Acne / Pimples Treatment

Pallavi Mehta

Dr.Sumit Gupta not just gives solution to your skin problem but also guides you towards making healthier decisions about your skin. I could see significantly better results for my acne problem after following the course of medicines prescribed by him.

Pigmented Skin


Dr Sumit Gupta explains the problem very patiently & gives a true picture of it. I was completely cured & the glow on the face was an added perk. I bestow my complete trust in his medication.

Fungal Infection

Pravin Umar

Very helpful and first time in India, doctor is explained cause of diseases and briefly explained how to treat them

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