Laser Treatment for Pigmentation in Delhi


The Treatment for Pigmentation That You Can Rely Upon

Many people suffer from pigmentation disorder and feel distressed.

Pigmentation or hyperpigmentation is a skin problem in which the skin gets affected and gets discolored or unusually dark colored. The cause behind this is melanin. Human skin gets its color from a pigment called melanin, which is made from special cells called melanocytes in the skin. If melanocytes are producing too much melanin the skin is darker. If the melanin production is less, the person has lighter skin.

Laser Treatment for Pigmentation in DelhiSometimes melanocytes are damaged due to some health issues and the production of melanin gets affected (producing excessive melanin), discoloration or dark patches start appearing on the surface of the skin. Sometimes just a few patches of skin are affected by pigmentation, but sometimes the skin on the entire body displays pigmentation.

While the appearance of pigmentation in itself isn’t harmful but its underlying causes or medical issues would need attention.


What are the causes for Pigmentation?

There are various reasons that cause pigmentation. Women may be affected by pigmentation during Pregnancy. People who are overexposed to sun face this issue. Another reason for pigmentation is Addison’s disease.


What are the remedies to Pigmentation?

Pigmentation can be addressed medically and with alternative therapies too. At SG Dermatology, we offer state of the art laser technology to target and eliminate natural or superficial pigments in the skin. Usually, pigmentation is present at different depths in the skin. For people desiring a perfectly even-toned skin, we offer laser-based toning procedure to balance the pigmentation density all over the treated area, for a pleasant uniform complexion. We have utmost sophisticated Q-switched technology which can selectively target varied depths of pigmentation and eliminate them successfully.

What are the remedies to Pigmentation

Before the treatment starts, Dr. Sumit Gupta offers a thorough consultation on the issue. We understand the concerns and emotional dilemmas associated with pigmentation. Therefore, bringing the appearance of the skin to its normal colour remains our endeavor.

Inside our world of aesthetics, your pigmentation issue is treated with most modern Q-switched laser device procured form Quanta System S.p.a. Italy. With this equipment in place, we have delivered many success stories with exceptional results for patients with all kinds of pigmentation issues.

What are the USPs of Q-switched laser device?

There are many:

  • The device allows a customized wavelength of laser energy depending upon the intensity required.
  • It can also customize the spot size and energy release too.
  • The device can target different intensities of pigmentation differently.
  • There are no side effects associated with this technology.
  • This is the most effective and successful device used to treat pigmentation.

At SG Dermatology, we believe in utmost cosmetic satisfaction of the patients, hence we bring in this latest technology and equipment which comes with a great track record. The expert panel with us, are well qualified to make good use of this technology along with their experience to treat any sort of skin problems which include Tattoos Removal, Nevus of Ota, Freckles, Lentigines, Age Spots, Melasma and other dyschromia.


For a detailed talk and consultation for laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi, reach out to us and we will offer an ear and a friendly advice. To book an appointment for laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi with Dr. Sumit Gupta, contact us at: +91-9560064696 or