Can You Shrink The Size of Your Pores?


Pores are basically small opening surfaces on the skin, which are responsible to pour out sweat and oils from the respective glands. Sweat pores are present all over the skin and these are tiny in terms of visibility, so there is no question of being bothered, as you can’t see these pores with naked eyes. The oil pores (known as hair follicles) are also present on entire skin surface except for the soles of your feet and palm of your hands. They produce natural oil which helps in keeping the skin moisturized and healthy. Sometimes, oil pores get blocked and produce acne or become large enough to be seen, thus it becomes a subject of discomfort for many of us, especially women.

Can pores be shrunk? And if they can be, does the shrinking stays permanently? What are different methods of reducing the pore size?

Let us discuss these aspects.


Is shrinking pores a possibility?

Well, the truth is; pores are genetically determined; these are the structural part of our body whose base size cannot be changed. Sometimes, they do get wider, deeper and visible due to too much sun exposure, clogged openings, oily and unclean skin, or even when you constantly try to squeeze them out. Enlargement of pores makes skin lose the more than usual collagen and hence the firmness too, which makes skin look blotchy and sagging. But the good news is though these pores cannot be reduced physically, they can be made to appear smaller and can be brought back to their pre-stretched state.


There are various methods to shrink pores including topical medications and procedures.

Extraction is an effective method to clean the clogged pores, but it should be done by an experienced aesthetician or skin specialist or a dermatologist only, in a well-equipped facility.

Highly Effective procedural treatments for open pores include: Chemical Peels (Particularly Retinol Based Peels), Spectra Peel (which utilizes hi-tech Spectra XT nanosecond Laser Technology), Microdermabrasion, Microneedle Radiofrequency Treatment, Fractional CO2 Laser, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Mesotherapy. With the plethora of technology available to us nowadays, we can effectively and safely reduce appearance of open pores. See a qualified and well-equipped dermatologist today to determine what kind of treatment your skin will benefit from.


Some beauty regimes that you must follow to let your pores not trouble you much:

  • Always use a makeup remover to remove even the slightest flecks of makeup.
  • Maintain a clean skin and keep your skin healthy by drinking lots of water.
  • Exfoliate your skin with cleanser, scrubs, and toners
  • Moisturize your skin every day, it helps your skin to retain the suppleness and reduces the appearance of pores

Each one of us has a different type of skin in different shade and texture. Before adopting any cosmetic or laser corrective method for pores, one must meet a dermatologist for a complete consultation and to know more about their skin and issue related to it.